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Three-column file cabinets Densely technical specifications

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First, the structural requirements and technical specifications
An intensive cabinet frame body for the threecolumn structure, each composed by the two laminates closer; laminates reinforced within each shelf load 40kg; positive uprights width is 60mm, shelf plate, hanging along the board should be able to adjust the height of uprights in the vertical direction, column hanging plate hole spacing 30mm; storey can be individually adjusted, the middle two panels separated by book board; front side panels of the drum-type design, strength, three-dimensional sense.
Two, shaking the hand wheel must be steel core foam plastic hand wheel with a diameter of not less than 400mm, the handle can be folded; single Mass shelf run, handle shaking force no greater than 11.8N; using synchronized multi-axis drive, hand wheel without idling can directly drive the organization running, energy light stable.
3, the frame body assembly, the vertical columns and horizontal rails degree Tolerance is ± 2 °; rail parallelism between the deviation is less than 1.0mm / m; doors, front, side gap of not more than 2mm, the frame body after closure seam gap of not more than 4mm.
4, the end of the beam should be installed anti-tip device, rail end stop device should be installed.
5, after the appearance of rust, phosphate, and other seven after pre-treatment process using epoxy - polyester powder electrostatic spraying.
6, product marking shall include trademarks, name, model specifications, manufacturing unit name, date of manufacture.
7, other indicators should meet the national standard (GB/13667.3-92) requirements.
Second, the timber table
No. Name Material Thickness
A uprights 1.5mm SPCC quality cold-rolled
2 shelves, hanging board 1.0mm cold rolled SPCC
3, side 1.2mm SPCC quality cold-rolled
4 Base 3.0mm hot rolled SS40-41
5 tracks 3.0mm hot rolled SS40-41
6 handwheel φ ≥ 400 imported steel folding hand wheel
7 catalog cards plexiglass
8 high-quality bearing steel bearing Ucp205
9 spray matt green epoxy a polyester powder
10 chain motorcycle chain
11 45 # steel wheel
12 by book board 0.8mm SPCC quality cold-rolled
13 core rubber seal strip

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